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Hydraulic single mast aluminum man lift 
1.lifting height:4-16m
2.loading capacity:100KG 200kg
AC 110V 220V 240V 

Double-mast aluminium man lift ,lift table 
1,lift height 6-20m
2,loading capacity:200kg


China aluminum portable lift platform


Product Description

Aluminum lift platform is classified to different types by lifting height from 4m to 20m.

With different lifting height, the capacity is changed. from 4m to 10m, the capacity is 100kg;         from 10m to 20m, the capacity is 200kg.
Aluminum lift platform power supply for electric, manual battery,can also install remote control according customer’s requirements. 

Aluminum lifts are variously used in hotel, hall, supermarket, railways, chdmical plants, factories, hotels, shopping centers, stations, airports, workshops, hospitals, warehouses for maintenance, cleaning etc.


1.Lift or fall steadily: The seamless transmission is used between the lifting masts,thus minimizing the sway.

2.Convenient:The work platform is light because the lifting masts is aluminum alloy material,so one person can move the lift platform easily.

3.A revolutionary design of mast provides the most sable and compact structure.
4.Provides access to overhead fixture and stocked shelves much safer than traditional ladders or scaffolding
5.Suitable for single person to work upraised.


Technical parameter:


Product show


Model: Single mast model 

Aluminum lift platform for indoor type, common in star hotel, practical large supermarkets and other industries hall, the ground of the factory in homework, have balanced, operation and inconvenience, can enter the hall, can literally in and out of individual elevator and less consumption, no purification, tasks, and can be used for not hurt the ground wall task and out of work, the task no died corner.       



aluminum alloy lift1


Equipment with battery: 



Model: Double masts model
Double aluminum alloy elevator platform,lifter machine,aluminum lift table . A new design of a new generation of products, and the overall take high strength aluminum and refined for high strength, make profiles lifting platform with tiny deflection of swing.
aluminum alloy lift10



Equipment with battery: 




Model: Multi-masts model
Three groups of the mast support operation platform, the structure of the synchrolifting back with a single square column type platform, have the big load components and excellent task stability. Overall the movements of fence installation, good strength, transport to a large machine height when landing, loading and unloading very inconvenience, through a lift remove or remove can be realized. This elevator bearing to strong, suitable for two people to carry the weight of the sure (tools and material) and the homework; According to different environment can be specially into various non-standard products, in order to satisfied different need.





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aluminum lift CEA









Our Services


1. Presale service:
Free comprehensive and detailed technology consultancy in construction sites, referential programs for construction equipment and the most suitable product program.


2. In sale service:
We provide free guidance of installation and debugging and free training of operation, care and maintenance.


3. After-sale service:
One year warranty service of whole machine and lifetime maintenance; regularly markets visits and free guidance of whole machine’s maintenance and reparations.


4. Quick responses:
we have a complete service network, hotline(86-531-88890369) services for 24hours and assist you to solve the problem in a short time.


5. Parts supply:
we have a complete parts supply network and can guarantee sufficient parts reserves and timely supply

24 hours service hotline
86 13075302088 or 0086 053188890369



1. Delivery time
Within 7- 15 working days after we receive the order
2. Payment terms
T/T, L/C, Western Union,paypal, other kinds, pls contact with us.

3. MOQ
Generally speaking, the MOQ is 1 set, Different products have different MOQ, pls contact with us.

4. Custom-made
ZHONGTIAN lifts can be custom-made.


Company Information


ZHONGTIAN is real manufacturer engaged in research, development, manufacturing, sale and service of aerial work equipment from 4m to 44m. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in interior and exterior building decorations, workshops, docks, stations, supermarkets, halls, etc.  


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